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Please help...can I still say I sell 100% of my listings?

Many years ago as a manager, I had a vision of training agents to sell 100% of all their clients homes.... after all wouldn't you want to hire an agent that sells 100% if the homes they list?  Of Course!  I had upper level management advise against this!  I can think of a few possible reasons why, but from a motivating factor alone, why shouldn't I try?(Corporate is locked into the stat that agents will only sell 50-60% of their listings).  In sharing with the agents I managed, I had a new agent whose eyes were not clouded by our industry standards, buy into my thinking so we were on our way!  She had pens printed saying, "I sell 100% of my listings", and through her I lived my dream and proof of concept!  She indeed sold all of her listings and was The Rookie of the Year for the #1 firm in our market and we did it in 7 months due to she was about to quit on me right before we started!

Now...she had me fired up and ready to walk away from the corporate world and provide a need for sellers which is HONEST MARKET ASSESSMENTS FOR SUCCESS and the past 4 years I HAVE SOLD 100% of my clients homes....meaning there have been a small handful, but they HAVE NOT been listed and sold by another agent!

I write this today marking a wrinkle in my 100% statistic!  Today I learned of the first listing in 4 years that I didn't sell has gone under contract with another agent:( Does this mean I can no longer tell someone I sell 100% of my  clients homes?  Please help me determine this as I am dedicated to providing honest and factual material and stats to people I meet everyday.

This client was like any other...I wanted to offer the highest level of service and sell their home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price!  This is the ultimate winning combination into maximizing profit!  They...

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